A cool DIY solution for hot summer camping


One thing about summer that I don’t like is the scorching heat. It bothers you not only in the day, but also during the night, when you are drowned in the endless sea of dreams. And you know what the worst part is, when you are awakened by the uneasiness of your sweaty body in the middle of a very romantic dream. It is like a camper’s nightmare if you camp in such hot and humid conditions. I guess Zmatt, a user at Instructables, was faced with such problems, so he decided to end this misery than bear with it and have all night sweat fests. (Good news for the troubled campers.)


His idea is very simple and economical (only if you have a spare AC). All you need is a tent, a 5000btu window mounted air conditioner, a bungee cord, a rip-stop cloth, and some glue. Now, first measure the dimensions of the AC side. Cut out the rip-stop cloth of the same size and stick it over the part of tent, where you want to insert the AC. (Rip-stop fabric is no scientific thing; it just prevents the tent from ripping apart). Basically, the idea is to pump the cool air into the tent through a duct. So the duct needs to be stuck at the point where the rip-stop fabric was stuck, at one end, and to the face of the AC, at the other end, using a bungee cord. Voila! you have your own AC-cooled tent. This was kinda brief, but if you want the whole thing, visit Instructables.


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