7 Most Beautiful Places on Earth for Avid Explorers

Couple in hot springs, Iceland

Travel is another way to say, “I love my life”. There are so many wonderful places on Earth, which you should visit once in your life. Do not be like a recluse; do not limit yourself to only one city, country or a continent; instead, set out to explore this amazing planet. For example, here is a list of seven such beautiful places where you should go at least once.


The surface of the island resembles the lunar landscape. This country is not like any other countries: black beaches, lava deserts, red-yellow valleys with pools of boiling mud, various craters, sometimes filled with blue lakes, giant glaciers and backwaters, and next to all that are moss-covered boulders and peacefully grazing sheep on the green hills. All these amazing things are far from a complete list of exotic beauties of Iceland. The fascinating and unique nature of this small island state stays imprinted in the memory of every guest for all the life.


Salar de Uyuni

A dried salt lake, located in the south of the desert plain of Altiplano in Bolivia, at a height of almost 4000 meters is definitely a treat to watch. More than ten thousand square kilometers of salt desert shine under the sunlight, and it turns into an endless mirror after rains. You can stand in the middle of the lake, and watch the clouds float under your feet.

Cape Town

Road to Wine Farm

The city, which is called the mother of African cities, is located in the southern part of the Cape of Good Hope on the Atlantic coast. Cape Town is stunning – so organically a modern metropolis and pristine nature coexist in it. It has a special charm and is compulsory to visit. If you need the right company to make your trip enjoyable, you will definitely find your right partner here, and also at https://contactbrides.com/. A picturesque embankment winds along the coast, and the mountain crowns the city. This mountain is called the Dining Hall for its unusual outlines and a huge, perfectly flat plateau on it. It cannot be put into words; it must be seen and felt.


The wonderful mountains and deserts, among the sandy expanses and quaint rocks, like amazing oases, occupy most of the territory of this state. Here you can find stunningly beautiful, green valleys. Tourists from all over the world come here to feel the bliss of a wild, untouched nature, which is protected by many national parks.

In Arizona, everything is unique: terracotta cliffs of the Grand Canyon, picturesque bends of the Colorado River and meteorite crater. Even if you have visited several places and seen almost everything, Arizona will surprise you with something completely different.

Easter Island

The nature of the Easter Island is preserved in its original form, which touts green plains, deserted beaches and incredible caves on the coastal rocks. The main attraction of the island is the mysterious and majestic stones, which are scattered all over the island. Now the entire territory of Rapa Nuyavia is one archaeological site.

The Faroe Islands

Surrealistic rocks, mountain streams and waterfalls, deserted bays and endless green plains with piles of colorful houses calm down and give a sense of freedom. The Faroe Islands have an amazing northern nature, which is both wild and very beautiful.

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