5 Offbeat Health Tips that Could Save Your Life

Get More Sleep

Everyone already knows about obvious practices that are good for your well-being. Eating a balanced diet, getting plenty of exercise, and going to the doctor regularly are all great ways to both improve the quality of your life now, and extend it into the future. However, there are actually several offbeat health tips that everyone should know, but few do. Today, we’re going to share five of those smart, health-conscious tidbits that are vital, but nevertheless often overlooked. Pay attention to this post because it could save your life one day:

1.  Always Have Aspirin Handy

Always Have Aspirin Handy

Hundreds of thousands of people under the age of 65 die from heart attacks every year. If that’s not a good reason to keep a bottle of aspirin around the house, we don’t know what is. While you should always call the paramedics first if you or someone else is having a heart attack, taking an aspirin could save your life in the interim. Aspirin slows blood clotting, which is critical in such a scenario.   

2.  Get More Sleep

The CDC estimates that almost a thousand car-accident deaths (and over 70,000 car crashes) are caused, in part, by drowsy-driving every year. As such, it’s imperative that you get a sound night’s sleep before you head into work –– or hop behind the wheel for any reason. In addition, getting solid shuteye is beneficial for your system in a number of diverse ways.

3.  Cut Out the Booze

Cut Out the Booze

In conjunction with drowsy driving, drinking and driving is responsible for over 10,000 deaths per year. Obviously, drunk-driving is a dangerous and illegal activity that puts everyone at risk. But simply managing to cut back on your alcohol intake will likely lead to improved health, fitness, and mood!

4.  Get Screened and Tested

Going to your regular M.D. for check-ups is a tremendous habit to develop. Still, there are certain conditions and diseases that you should always be wary of –– like STDs, for instance. Many sexually transmitted infections don’t have obvious symptoms, so it’s important that you seek out professional, medical assistance on a consistent basis. You don’t want to be scrambling to “find a testing center near me” in a pinch. Get tested as part of a routine instead.

5.  Relax


Contrary to popular belief, stress really can kill you. It’s true –– chronic stress can contribute to the development of early heart disease as well as a glut of other major health issues like high-blood pressure. Learning how to let go and put things in proper perspective can be difficult, but it’s crucial that you find a way to relax.

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