4 of the Scariest Haunted Houses in America

Scariest Haunted Houses in America

As summer comes to a close, temperatures are cooling down across the United States, leaving many autumn enthusiasts excited about the upcoming Halloween season. From carving pumpkins to watching scary movies, there are countless ways to get into a spooky mood ahead of Halloween. If you’re looking to get spooky this fall while enjoying some quality time with friends, try visiting a haunted house! Here are 4 of the best haunted houses in the country, for anyone looking for a scare.

1.  The Dent Schoolhouse – Cincinnati, Ohio

Unlike some haunted houses, this haunt includes a terrifying backstory that is sure to leave visitors on edge. The attraction’s website states that the haunt was formerly a public school, which closed in the 1950s after numerous children suspiciously went missing. Visitors roam the halls of the former school, encountering terrifying obstacles and monsters along the way. For real horror fans who want an even bigger scare, The Dent offers select dates throughout the Halloween season in which guests can experience the haunted house in complete darkness.

2.  Nightmare Mansion – Virginia Beach, Virginia

Nightmare Mansion is the longest-running haunted house on the east coast, with over 30 years in the business of scares. It’s hard for visitors of Virginia Beach to miss this attraction in this prime location on the beach’s boardwalk, with two large skeleton heads atop the building and costumed “guards” at the door. This haunt is relatively short, with the average completion time ranging from 6-15 minutes, but is highly worth it due to the unique scares offered to guests.

3.  The 13th Floor – Denver, Colorado

Rated one of the top 5 haunted houses in the United States, the 13th floor offers numerous themed attractions under one roof. This season’s attractions include Primal Fear, which focuses on the legend of the Sasquatch, Midnight Mania, a college fraternity-themed haunt, and All Hallows Eve, a classic paranormal haunt. Top-of-the-line actors and high-quality special effects are sure to leave guests terrified.

4.  Cutting Edge – Forth Worth, Texas

Located in a former meatpacking plant (hence the name), Cutting Edge holds the record for the world’s largest walk-through haunted attraction. The average completion time of his haunt is about an hour. A warning on the attraction’s website states: “Beware: You’ll receive ELECTRICAL SHOCKS. The floors are uneven; the slides are fast and dark; you WILL be enveloped by creeping fog and vapors.” This is one of the most intense haunted attractions in the country, and is perfect for hardcore horror fans looking for a once-in-a-lifetime scare! Be sure to read the warnings on this attraction’s website to make sure you are healthy enough to handle this haunt, or you might require a visit to a medical clinic like The Institute of Natural Health.

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