10 Surprising Facts About The Medical Field

Surprising Facts About The Medical Field

Are you interested in going into a career in the medical field? Whether you’re a college senior applying to medical school or a medical student working in medical scribe training programs, medicine is an exciting and constantly evolving field; when it comes to medicine, there is always something new to learn! Here are a few surprising facts about the medical field that you might not know.

1.  Lots and Lots of Nurses

There are most nurses in the medical field than healthcare professionals in any other role. The majority of staff at hospitals around the world are nurses, and nurses are responsible for providing most patient care at all major medical facilities.

2.  Role of Women

Women played a major role in the development of the practice of occupational therapy, despite its development taking place several years before women in America had the right to vote.

3.  Expensive in the US

The cost of healthcare in the United States is higher than in any other country around the world – and healthcare accounts for roughly 18% of the United States’ total spending each year.

4.  Treatments Cost a Lot

Studies have shown that the cost of healthcare in any country around the world is made up mostly of the cost of procedures and treatments, which can be extremely expensive.

5.  Highly Paid in the US

woman-talking-to-her-physicianMedical physicians are among the highest-paid individuals in America each year, with the average annual salary for a physician beginning at around $200,000.

6.  The Largest Healthcare Company

CVS is not just a pharmacy – CVS Health Corporation is the largest healthcare company in the entire world, with annual revenue of nearly $300 billion.

7.  Americans Find Healthcare Satisfactory

Despite high costs and widespread critique, over 70% of Americans report that they are overall satisfied with the healthcare field in the United States.

8.  High Confidence in Hospitals and Doctors

Based on a study conducted in 2018, nearly 90% of patients around the world report having exceedingly high levels of confidence in hospitals and the providers employed at them. Patients who are checked into hospitals for various conditions believe they are in good hands and have generally low levels of anxiety regarding their health.

9.  Average Length of Stay

The average length of a hospital stay at facilities around the world is about 6 days.

10.  Telehealth

Doctor telemedicine service online video for virtual patient health medical chatOne of the biggest developments in the healthcare industry in recent years is the widespread use of telehealth appointments or virtual appointments with physicians. While the rising use of telehealth appointments is due largely to the COVID-19 pandemic, studies show that roughly 30% of all medical appointments will take place virtually in the future, even once the pandemic has come to an end.

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