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Wood Sphere: Ideal dwelling for wandering souls

tree house
If you are an adventurous and innovative personality and belong to the same class that roams around to undergo the first hand experience and opts to face the natural as well as artificial furies and hazards, Wood Sphere – a tree house prepared by two laminations of wood strips over laminated wood frames – is a perfect place to dwell in. The suspended tree house will not only quench your thirst for adventure, but also help you touch the extreme limits of life.

Not only Spheres can be dangled from the trees and rocks, bringing you close to the natural dwellings in the very lap of Mother Nature, equally one may hang it from different solid objects like towers and buildings in a town or city, providing an innovative and cool alternate to the foundation of a conventional building.

Wood Sphere goes together with four separate attachments on top and four more anchor points underneath that are strong enough to hold the whole sphere and contents. All you have to do is connect a web of rope to any strong points available, which will cut the big cost of foundation of the tree house.

The outer layer of the tree house is finished and then covered by fiberglass that finally comes out is a tough but beautiful skin, making it more resilient in the volatile forest environment. Moreover, fiberglass shells are available nowadays. In addition, skins can be moved anywhere easily and interestingly they are capable of bearing strong jerks, all this speaks volume of its durability.

One disadvantage, if you consider it, of this durable Sphere is that it is not everybody’s cup of tea and can only be inhabited by professionals for healing, meditation, photography, canopy research, leisure and game watching. And you’ll have to be a bit cautious while dwelling in the tree house, for your small gaffes would easily endanger the tree and other vegetation surrounding the house.


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