Tips to keep your child safe online

You cannot refuse access to computers, phones and internet to your kids. Their online safety is a major concern for you, as inappropriate sites and apps can be browsed and downloaded by minors with ease. You can set parental controls on their laptops and phones, but more important is to educate them about dangers online, and how they can conduct themselves responsibly online. Cyberbullying, phishing, scams and spams, cyberstalking, initiating kidnapping and theft which take place in reality, are some dangers online.

Here are some tips to keep your child safe: 

Have discussions about internet safety

As very young children too access the net, you should discuss about net safety with your younger children and of course, tweens and teens. Let them know not to respond to stranger’s friend requests, or divulge personal / family details to unknown people. There are Android phone tracking apps which you can use to monitor their phones.

Do not share passwords

Children are vulnerable and trusting; and, to be closer to friends, they may reveal their social media passwords to them which might be used for inappropriate posts. Mobile tracking apps for parents and couples who are guardians have safety features that can track phones and monitor chats. These apps further have keylogger features which allow you to know everything your child does online, and will alert you to any account misuse.

Setting good passwords

Teaching your children to set different passwords for different IMs and email accounts, is a little complex. You too should set a difficult password on the home network, which should be changed from time to time. They should log out everytime they use any account, which will prevent unauthorised access.

Establishing boundaries

You have to set boundaries about internet use by your children. You have to clearly communicate which sites and games are allowed, how to conduct oneself online, and the time they can use the net / phone. If you see your kids spending a lot of time on phone chats, you may install any spy app.

Avoid filling forms

keep your child safe

There are sites which ask you to fill unnecessary forms in the guise of questionnaires and surveys. Your teenager may be exploited by these sites as they gain personal information. Educate your children not to fill any unsolicited forms.

Download responsibly

Many sites and apps are not secured which might cause hacking or phishing of your accounts. Your child should be taught to download apps with your approval.

There are spy apps like Refog, which can help in monitoring internet use on computers. They have keylogger feature, keep tabs on softwares and apps used, and logs chats, and thus, help you to keep your kids safe online.

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