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Lakeland's Lap Desk: Bring work desk on your lap

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If your work doesn’t allow you using a laptop and encourages the dexterity of hands you will exactly know the resistance towards the work desk after working long hours on it. Do you sometimes wish you could abandon your desk just for an hour and work in the comforts of your couch cuddling up on the soft cushions? Don’t you at times take pleasure in lying on the bed and working? But these comforts come at a price which is compromising on the quality of your work. The surface of your couch will not be as stable as that of your desk making your work untidy. Well, not anymore.
The answer to your discomfort is the new Lap Desk by Lakeland. The Lap desk is an innovative device which resembles a desk from above with a hard working surface; however the bottom of this desk is cushioned. The comfortable contours of this cushion adjust to the shape of your lap making it a stable desk. The laminate surface is fitted with a flexible lamp which can be turned as per requirement, thus practically letting you work almost anywhere. This portable desk has recesses provided for writing or drawing instruments making its use more feasible. To add to all these is the handle to carry this lap desk around without hassles. Priced at £39.99, this lap desk is sure to make you as comfortable as it gets.

Via: Lakeland

Image: Lakeland

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