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How about a little bit of video for your iPod dock?

ipod dock with video 2263
iPod docks that have speakers built into them to let you belt out your music loud and clear are nothing new, but a display that sits on an iPod dock is indeed some news, which every iPod enthusiast will absolutely love to hear. Enter the very funky looking Goodmans iPod Dock which comes with a nice seven inch LCD display that will play all your iPod videos and while doing so, will also sound very good thanks to it’s twin speakers. This iPod dock has a very stylish looking boombox design with two nice looking speakers at either end with the screen in the middle. Your iPod, of course, will occupy the pride of place atop this iPod dock and this is also where controls for music and video are present. This iPod Dock which oozes style and panache all over, sells for £89.99, and you also get a nice little goodie in the 3-in-1 card reader that comes built into the Goodman iPod Dock.

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