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Evolved Walkie Talkie Watches with Intelligent Features

w talk watch HkyZf 8089

Hey guys, look what I found! As soon as I came across these Walkie Talkie watches I thought they could be real handy. Just a little jolt around the neighborhood and you can still be in touch with your dearest pal. I think it will yield some good help as every next minute I feel the need to tell my friend next door a little bit of this and that. So why not have one of these instead of holding on to the mobile all the time? Plus, this supposedly will give the feel as if we are a bunch of secret agents on some super secret mission, wow!
These walkie talkie watches come with a host of exciting features beginning with a distinct earpiece, backlight LCD screen, a voice operated transmission, auto squelch system to cut off weak transmissions, auto-off to save power and a digital volume control. These work efficiently within 1.5 miles range around you. The Walkie Talkie Watches retail for £32.95.

Source: ubergizmo

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