Can a DNA Test Help You Live a Healthier and Longer Life?

DNA Test Help You Live a Healthier and Longer Life

A study conducted has found 150 genetic markers that can predict within 77 percent accuracy whether you will live an exceptionally long life.

The primary researchers Paola Sebastiani from the School of Public Health and Thomas Perls at the School of Medicine at the University of Boston define a very long life as someone wholives into their late 90s.

In contrast, the average lifespan of a person in the United States is 78. Only one in 6000 people in the U.S. live to reach 100 years old. The study included 1000 centenarians and a control group of 1300 people.

In addition, Sebastiani and Perls discovered 19 “genetic signatures” that linked with variations connected to diseases associated with aging like high blood pressure and dementia. The study concluded that 45 percent of the oldest study participants (110+) have these genetic signatures with the greatest number of genetic variables associated with lengthy lifespans.

Precision Medicine


Since the Human Genome Project finished its epic task of mapping the building blocks of human life gene therapy has changed the healthcare industry in new and exciting ways. These new procedures can bypass traditional methods of treatment (surgery and pharmaceuticals), by opting to manipulate genes to treat a disease or condition.

Gene therapies are making way for what healthcare professionals refer to as ‘precision medicine’ which looks at the patient holistically. Medicine honed for an individual navigates their treatment by using genetic tests to identify and treat diseases like cancer.

As the technology of gene therapy advances modern medicine may be capable of manipulating thousands of illnesses found in the human genetic code.

Commercial Versus Medical DNA Tests

Medical DNA TestsGenetic tests issued by medical professionals and genomic experts can be expensive and may not provide the conclusive results that are necessary to move forward with treatment. There are commercial DNA tests that are more affordable.

However, not all consumer genetic tests are created with the same care, nor are they evaluated equally. If you’re considering buying a commercial genome test check with the objective DNA Weekly website which offers honest reviews and comparisons.

BRCA1/ BRAC2 Mutations

woman-suffering-from-breast-cancerThe BRCA1/BRCA2 gene mutations get a lot of attention in the media because it is a strong indicator of whether an individual will develop breast cancer within their lifetime. However, there are more than 1000 known BRCA mutations.

A commercial test can tell you if you have the ‘breast cancer gene’ but it is crucial to remember that a negative test result doesn’t mean that an individual cannot develop the disease. The U.S. FDA only allows commercial DNA tests to inform people if they have any of the three gene mutations.

While clinical genome tests are more inclusive and offer a higher caliber of review and interpretation, they are costly, and many insurance companies do not cover gene therapies or DNA screenings.

The affordability and wide-range of DNA tests available to consumers aren’t exhaustively thorough or accompanied by a genetic counselor to help you understand your results, but commercial DNA tests can identify potential illnesses and conditions without having to deplete your savings.

Lifestyle Impact

lifestyle impacts bodyThe future of gene therapy is an exciting world full of medical, technical, and even agricultural possibilities.

One of the best uses of a consumer DNA test is to review how your lifestyle choices are impacting your body or vice versa how your genes are mutating because of your lifestyle.

A quality genome screening from a reputable company like 23andMe or can provide you with a blueprint of how to improve your health and even prevent the onset of conditions as you age. Genes aren’t alone in dictating how healthy an individual is, it’s a combination of environment, lifestyle choices, genes, and good, old-fashioned luck.

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