9 Fun Facts About The Workplace

Fun Facts About The Workplac

Most adults around the world spend a majority of their lifetimes in the office. Whether you work as a secretary or an office executive utilizing SCORM training courses, here are some fun facts about the workplace that will likely apply to your daily life.

1.  Mondays vs. Tuesdays

Teamwork. A team of young professionals working together in the officeMonday is the most common sick day for employees around the country. On the contrary, Tuesday is reported to be the most productive day for employees working in various fields.

2.  Quick Productivity Boost

For most traditional office workers, more than 25% of any given workday is spend composing, reading, and answering emails. Checking emails periodically throughout the day is shown to be an immediate productivity boost.

3.  Praise Goes a Long Way

Over 70% of employees report that receiving acknowledgment or praise from their supervisors would lead to higher rates of productivity and overall satisfaction in the workplace – many people tend to work harder when they know someone is watching and appreciating their work.

4.  Comfort is The Key

Diverse businesspeople in office during briefing focus on female worker feels guilty unhappy offended and frustrated having problem or disrespect from colleagues or made mistake, listens boss scoldingMany employees report feeling that their performance at work would be improved if they worked in a more comfortable, relaxed environment – 60% of employees report that they would enjoy working more and could be more productive if a casual dress code were implemented in their workplace, and similar rates of employees report they would feel more satisfied if given a longer lunch break.

5.  Team Work Could Achieve Wonders

The ideal team size in any industry is between 5 and 9 people. This allows employees to develop a closer relationship with their supervisors and other co-workers, and a team of this size can often work more quickly and efficiently. People who work in a close-knit community or as part of a relatively small team report feeling happier and more fulfilled in their work life.

6.  Staying Hydrated

Drinking water and staying adequately hydrated throughout the day can increase employee productivity by up to 14%.

7.  Socializing

co-workers in the officeStudies show that bonding with co-workers and taking time to socialize throughout a workday leads to higher rates or productivity and higher retention rates among employees. While it might seem like taking a break from work to socialize would serve as a distraction or decrease the amount of work that is done throughout the day, this is not true!

8.  Many Employees Are Ready to Take a Jump

At any given time, it is reported that over 30% of employees around the world are actively looking for a new job or wanting to get out of the industry that they are currently working in.

9.  Greenery Helps

Having plants or other greenery on display in the office is shown to boost serotonin levels and act as a natural stress reliever.

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