6 Things to Expect When Moving in With Your Partner

When Moving in With Your Partner

There comes a time in every relationship where a couple decides to take the next big step: moving in together. Although this new stage might seem exciting, it is not all fun and games. Fear not, if you’re ready to take on this new challenge, here’s what to expect when moving in with that special someone.

1. Financial Problems Become the Most Common Reason to Argue

Financial ProblemsToo often, bad money habits are the most common relationship dealbreakers and ultimately lead to breakups. In order to avoid this, it is best to be upfront with each other and share information such as savings, salaries, credit scores, and debts. Although this might seem like a lot, there are many resources that help ease this conversation and provide valuable information. According to the experts at https://taxpage.com/articles-and-tips/capital-gains/tax-free-capital-dividends, tax planning services can be useful to help manage and resolve money issues, therefore, avoid potential financial strains.

2. Compromise Is Key

When it comes to dealing with any issues that may arise, reaching an agreement is essential when living together. Whether it be whose turn it is to do the cleaning, what to eat, or picking out that special place for date night, both people should have a say and compromise when needed. However, it is important to discover what is worth compromising on and when to stand your ground.

3. It’s Common to Want Your Own Space from Time to Time

“me” timeEverything might seem to be going smoothly when first living together. You enjoy the presence of your favorite person as much as possible. Even so, don’t be surprised when there comes a time when you want to have “me” time. This is completely normal, after all, you are just getting used to living with someone. Nevertheless, it is important to differentiate when that personal time is necessary and when it becomes a threat to the relationship.

4. Learning New Things of Your Significant Other Is Part of the Fun

After spending countless hours with the same person, it is no surprise that you learn new things about them. Whether it be something interesting, quirky, or perhaps something you find unpleasant, it is inevitable that all these habits come to light. Regardless, it is entertaining to discover such quirks and mannerisms and learning to live with them is important.

5. Communication Is Essential When Dealing With Arguments

COUPLE TALKINGIt is common that after having a huge argument, one of the involved parties wants to go to their own home and take some time to cool off. This is not possible when living with your significant other. Rather than leaving, you must learn to communicate and deal with the problem at hand. Sure, you can go for a walk and take some time to think, but it is always important to deal with the issue afterward. The best advice: don’t go to bed angry. Talk it out and don’t leave anything unsolved. 

6. The Spark May Begin to Fade

After spending a large amount of time with the same person, it is possible that the relationship may become monotonous. Nonetheless, it is crucial to find ways to spice up the relationship. Try new activities, plan a romantic date, go for a walk, anything that will take you out of the same day to day routine. Remember that keeping the spark alive is just as important as anything else.

The Bottom Line

There are many things that change when deciding to move in with your significant other. You need to adapt to a new way of living, their habits, and baggage that comes along with them. The best way to deal with this new adventure is by being aware of what to expect. Being conscious of the aforementioned things will help the relationship prosper and make help the new living situation run smoothly.

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