10 Surprising Facts About Motorcycles

Surprising Facts About Motorcycles

Whether you’re a motorcyclist or just find motorbikes such as the ones available at Get Lowered Cycles interesting, there’s no denying that motorcycles and their history are fascinating! Here are 10 surprising fun facts about motorcycles, their history, and some of the records that have been set within the cycling community around the world.

1.  Motorcycles get excellent gas mileage!

The average motorbike gets between 50 and 60 miles per gallon, meaning that driving a motorcycle instead of a typical car could cut your monthly gas bill in half. Motorcycles are also able to accelerate faster than the average vehicle while using less gas, due to their small size and exceptionally light weight in comparison to other types of vehicles.

2.  The History Behind The Word

British inventor Edward Butler coined the word “motorcycle” in 1884 while attempting to invent the world’s first three wheeled vehicle.

3.  The most expensive motorcycle

The most expensive motorcycle in the world costs $360,000. Produced by the Swiss motorcycle maker Feline Motorcycles, the Feline One motorcycle is made with materials including carbon, titanium, aerospace aluminum and fine leather.

4.  Harley Davidson in the past

In Harley Davidson’s early days, bare engines were sold to consumers who assembled their own motorcycles. In early 1905, pre-made Harley Davidson motorcycles were in production, on a minimal basis.

5.  States in The US that Don’t Require Helmets

Only three states in the US do not require a helmet for any motorcyclist as of 2022 – Illinois, Iowa, and New Hampshire.

6.  Motorcycle Brands and Stealing

Honda motorcycles are the most-stolen brand of motorcycles annually, while Harley Davidsons are the least stolen.

7.  Motorcycle Replacing Horses

In World War 1, Horses were the primary transportation for messengers; horses, however, were soon replaced by motorcycles.

8.  The First Harley Davidson Motorcycle

The first-ever Harley Davidson motorcycle only went about 25 miles per hour. The bike used a single-cylinder engine which included a tomato can as its carburetor. Today, the average Harley Davidson motorcycle can go up to 115 miles per hour.

9.  The smallest functional motorcycle

The smallest functional motorcycle in the world is called “Smalltoe.” It is just over 2 inches tall, and weighs about 2.4 pounds. It is featured in the Guiness Book of World Records.

10. Longest Backwards Motorcycle Ride

The record for the longest backwards motorcycle ride sits at almost 5 hours. This record was set by Havildar Pradeep, who set the record in India in 2020 when he rode his motorcycle backwards down local streets for just over 4 and a half hours.

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